Keep It Simple Stupid with Weight Lifting Routines

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When making a weight lifting routine apply the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) principal. I have found powerlifting to be simple and effective.Building weight lifting routines does not have to be a project if you know your body, and your time constraints. Once you start a routine you must stay consistent, and the results will show over time.It really is that simple. Why spend more time paging through worthless workout guides? You will only confuse yourself with useless information. Read this article, apply the KISS principal, and you’re off to a strong start.

Starting Strength

If you have ever searched for information using the keywords weight lifting routines men, you probably found a long list of results that includes weight lifting routines for women, weight lifting routines for men, and weight lifting routines for beginners. Before you start constructing a weight training routine, you need to know your body. The truth is that our bodies are all built a little differently. What works for one person may, not be suitable for the next. Men and women, beginners and advanced lifters, and people of different weight classes all train differently.

Great weight lifting routines and gym workout routines are tailored over time from starting with the basics. Simply finding a generic workout routine online will not yield the best results. Earlier I mentioned powerlifting. Powerlifting is a great start for people of any shape and size. I will not list a powerlifting routine here because you can find an abundance of effective powerlifting routines online. If you already have a routine, you should consider switching your routine. The benefits of a basic powerlifting routine cannot be ignored. You will gain size, have a strong well-built core, and burn calories around the clock. Ask yourself whether you want to lose weight, get ripped, put on size or build muscle. Any of these things can be achieved through proper dieting. Do not let creating a workout routine take up all your time, keep it simple with a power lifters workout, and focus more on what you put into your body to achieve your desired goal.

Effective Training System

Powerlifting utilizes big compound movements throughout the workout for men and women. Safety is paramount when engaging in a powerlifting routine; do not compromise in this area.Learn to execute the lifts with proper form, all the time, every time. All three of the major lift requires you to engage your whole body, so your form must be flawless. Do not be afraid to start off with just the bar until your form is perfect.Once you know how to perform each lift, do not be afraid to lift heavy. The point of powerlifting is to add more power to your frame. The workout usually consists of a few compound movements, with a range of 3-5 repetitions. The estimated length of each session is 45 minutes to one hour. You should exercise 3-4 times a week; keep your routine simple, and pay closer attention to your diet.

A big misconception is that results are built in the gym. The truth is that muscles are not built in the gym; they are built based on what you do outside the gym. You should have a balanced diet tailored to your goal, eat according to the clock, and sleep for about 8 hours daily. Rest is a vital part in the rebuilding process, and is important to making consistent gains. It is important to rest 48 72 hours between workouts.

Do not over complicate building weight training routines. Keep it simple stupid with a powerlifting routine. Based on your personal goals develop a balanced diet. And above all, stay consistent!

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