How to Entertain Yourself on the Treadmill?

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Have you had a bad day? Yeah, everyone has one in their life, and you should not let your work or hobbies get affected by the negative vibes from the situation. There might be several things, which goes around you and makes you upset but you should not let those things come in between your workout. You can relax your mind and bring positiveness from the workout.

Do you own a Treadmill? You have it at your home then you can start working out on it and also entertain yourself meantime, how? We will reveal few things, which you can use to keep yourself entertained.

Listening To Music

Music is called the pain reliever, and music also works as healing you from inside. Of course, there are several ways you can entertain yourself. You can listen to your choice of music while working out.

Make sure to maintain the volume to 50% because you may damage your ears and focus.


Books are something which you can use at a time like this. You can even use the E-books if the Treadmill supports a holder. You can read books like Magazines, Comics, Adventures stories, Learning books, Picture books and more. The point is that you can learn something while working out.

Make sure that you are not reading an entire magazine because it will slow you down, don’t get carried away by the workout.

Beat Your Records

A milestone is all about beating yourself. No one in the can beat you, except yourself. You can focus on creating your small milestone and race against it. You can beat your previous records. You can set small goals every week and beat your last week’s records.

Do not overdo or you may end up hurting yourself.


Competition is something, which drives a person to do more than his capacity. The motivation pushes you to do more to prove a point, which can show to boost your performance. 

You can invite your friend or a sibling and start competing with him or her, which will help your kill boredom and also increase your fitness results.

Taking Things Another Level

According to a professional trainer, when you are working out on a Treadmill then you should start calculating your exercise and capture them on a video. According to the professional, when you are working out on the video to show the transformation to your friends then you will not only give your 100% but maintain consistency. 

You will not only workout to burn calories and lose weight but also share the video of your transformation to your friends. The feeling of sharing it to motivate will work as a fuel to your body. 

Got Nothing?

None of the above works for you then just watch T.V.


I have completed all of the above challenges and figured that you could do more while working out but also ensure that you are not overdoing it. We would like to know what you do while working out in the comment section below.


Denmark City

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Denmark is the southernmost country in Scandinavia. The country consists of many islands that are small, densely populated and surrounded of delicious beaches. Despite its northern location the climate is very mild, moderated by the effects of the warm Gulf Stream that sweeps northward along the west coast. Denmark has over 7,200 kilometers of coastline and more than 400 named islands.


Paddling opportunities are many and great. Select a canoe where you can get more luggage on board. You can also carry one or two children aboard. The kayak gives you more speed and you can cover larger areas. Kayak and canoe rentals you can find many places, since nowhere in Denmark is more than seventy kilometers from the sea. Also in Copenhagen it is great paddle opportunities. Why not join a guided tour in the canals? People who have been many times in Copenhagen get a completely different impression of the city from this perspective.…


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How about a visit to Copenhagen during fashion week? The town is full of inspiring and creative impulses. With a wide selection of Danish brands, international designer clothes, innovative chain stores, and inspiring and cool Copenhageners that bicycles or is walking nonchalantly past you. We also recommend taking a break from shopping and visit one of the trendy sidewalk cafes in the inner parts of the city. Do not forget Oslo. Norway’s capital stands on a beautiful fjord, surrounded by woods and mountains. Oslo offers a pulsating city life, with easy access to great nature experiences. Oslo’s unique location gives visitors excellent opportunities to have fun.

Here you can walk in the woods, swim and go to the concert – on the same day. Paper Island-Copenhagen Paper Island-Copenhagen Just take the oya-festival (øya-festivalen) for example. The big music happening in Oslo is the –directly translated- Island festival. In 2014 the first festival was held in Toyenparken (Tøyenparken). The festival use a vast area stretching from Toyenbadet (Tøyenbadet) through Toyenparken, over Finnmark Gata and down against the Munch Museum / Botanical Garden. Why stop there? In Gothenburg, only four hours away from Oslo city with bus, is the Swedish festival “Way out West”. When we are on the topic; Festivals are abundant all over Scandinavia. Distortion in Copenhagen for example – the street party that lasts five days and culminates in a huge party. Or ten minutes from Arlanda airport, Stockholm, you’ll find the Hultsfred festival that was started in ’86.

If that’s not interesting enough, there is something for everyone in the Traena Festival (Træna Festivalen) in Norway, it is a must-do for all you hippies. For city-slickers on the other-hand, right in Fredriksberg, Copenhagen, the Vanguard Music Festival is arranged. In addition to music, the festival is a place with a wide variety of food from the Danish capital’s best eateries, while it is arranged so that festival-goers can bring their own picnic-baskets in the green surroundings. Frederiksberg is reachable by bicycle from the bridge quarters in almost ten minutes. Let’s finish of. The Dognvill festival (Døgnvill) is, despite her young age, a great festival allready been visited by 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, The Prodigy, Sex Pistols, Limahl, and Brian Wilson. Tromso is fabulously nice in the summer, and Dognvill is a gem of a festival. It’s all about fun in Scandinavia. Be a festival-crawler!…

Vijay Iyer, Prashant Bhargava and International Contemporary Ensemble

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The program for The Rite of Spring at 100 features the world premiere of RADHE RADHE – Rites of Holi, a new work by Vijay Iyer, one of the most exciting jazz pianists of our time, in collaboration with celebrated flimmaker Prashant Bhargava.

Iyer returns to Memorial Hall for the third time this spring in a Carolina Performing Arts commissioned piece inspired by the Holi festival, which is the Hindu “rite of spring” celebration. It will be performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) and feature a video by Bhargava featuring footage of the Holi festival in Mathura, a town in Uttar Pradesh, India.


Additionally, the program will include works by recent ICE collaborators Tyshawn Sorey and Steve Lehman. ICE is a collective of musicians committed to redefining concert music and bringing together new music and new audiences through collaborations with emerging composers and sound artists.

“… one of the most interesting and vital young pianists in jazz today.”
– Pitchfork (on Vijay Iyer)

“… one of the hottest new-music groups in the country …”
– The Washington Post (on ICE)

Screening: PATANG
with Prashant Bhargava, director
7pm | March 25
Nelson Mandela Auditorium, FedEx Global Education Center

Join us for a screening and conversation with one of our Rite of Spring at 100 artists, director Prashant Bhargava. Following a screening of his film PATANG, he will discuss the inspiration behind the film as well as the process of making RADHE RADHE – Rites of Holi. The new film will make its world premiere the following night at UNC’s Memorial Hall with Vijay Iyer and International Contemporary Ensemble. FREE and open to the public.

Human Canvas: The Holi Festival as a ‘Rite of Spring’
with Vijay Iyer and Prashant Bhargava, led by Afroz Taj
5pm | March 27
Faculty Lounge, UNC Campus Y

Join UNC professor Afroz Taj as he moderates a discussion about Holi, the Hindu festival of colors that celebrates the arrival of spring. The talk will feature celebrated composer/pianist Vijay Iyer and award-winning filmmaker Prashant Bhargava. The two artists collaborated on the Carolina Performing Arts commission of RADHE RADHE: The Rites of Holi, which captures the Hindu “rite of spring”. The talk will explore the Holi festival, its history, and the context in which it’s celebrated. Presented in partnership with the UNC Campus Y.

Gothenburg City

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Gothenburg City is settled on Sweden’s west coast, and more than half a million people call the city proper home. It is the second largest city in the country, second only to Stockholm, yet it still maintains quite a bit of rustic charm. It was founded by King Gustav II Adolf in 1621.

Fun Facts about Gothenburg City

  • Many people call Gothenburg City “Little London”. This is because during the industrial boom in the 1800s, many Scottish and English businessmen moved to the area to start factories and manufacturing facilities. Even today, a great portion of the city has an English heritage.
  • 30% of all Swedish foreign trading passes through the Port of Gothenburg City.
  • Gothenburg is home to Europe’s largest shopping mall, called Nordstan. There are more than 180 shops and 150 offices on 320,000 square meters.
  • You can take a short tram ride away from the city center in order to view one of the world’s most breathtaking wilderness areas with more than a thousand inlets and islands.

Gothenburg’s Main Claim to Fame

Despite the fact that Gothenburg City is only about the quarter of the size of Stockholm, it is just as important to Sweden’s economy. Because of this, it is one of the most easily accessible “small” cities in all of Europe, with more than 100 non-stop flights and trains from 65 different destinations across Europe. In fact, people from all over Sweden travel to Gothenburg for its shopping scene because prices for goods and services are well below the European average. What’s more, tourism satisfaction in this city peaks at 6.7 out of 7, one of the highest in the entire region.

Accommodations, Restaurants, and Attractions

When you want top-notch quality and luxury, Upper House is the place to be. This outstanding hotel boasts an on-site spa for those who need to unwind, and no detail is missed – they even provide a matching robe and slippers to help you stay comfortable. When you want to find a great place to stay on a budget, Hotel Royal is a great choice. Each room is unique, and you can even ask for a showing if there are several vacancies. The rooms are small and basic, as are the services provided to you, but the hotel does not skimp on cleanliness or hospitality. It’s a great choice for an affordable price.

If you want traditional Swedish cuisine kicked up several notches on the modern scale, you won’t want to miss out on Swedish Taste, which truly lives up to its name. Although the dishes here are quite traditional – including the loved herring – you will also find plenty of unique dishes like bleak roe and raw prawns alongside a halibut smoked in fennel. For a quick bite or a budget dining experience, the city center is home to numerous street vendors serving up everything from Swedish to American, French, Italian, Chinese, and even Mexican fare.

While you are in Gothenburg City, make sure that you spend at least a few hours at Liseberg. This amusement park is perfect for the whole family, but couples and adults will enjoy it, too. The Gothenburg Museum of Art is a real treat with its Nordic collection dating back to the 15th century, as well.  Or simply the Gothenburg City Museum is a real treat, showing the history of the museum in a new and exciting way. You might want to spend a day (or two) perusing Nordstrand, the largest shopping mall in Europe, or even visiting the Garden Society of Gothenburg City. This preserved 19th century park is a beautiful blast from the past.…

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